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Pertix is ​​a BPM (Business Process Manager) type platform, which allows companies to organizations formalize their work structure based on the graphic definition of their processes added value and support, and professionalize achieving control of these processes, through World Class tools. Allows companies that have or require certification regulations, manage their associated management systems in a simple and intuitive way.

Pertix Tech is a 100% cloud platform, that is, it works entirely over the Internet, without the need to download or install software on the subscribing companies’ own servers.

Of course. The structure of the platform is based on the most demanding international certifiable standards, and each of its tools respond to regulations of the most diverse nature and application, such as Quality, Environment, Information Security, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, etc. Since the release of the first BETA version, Pertix has proven to be the most intuitive, simple and practical platform with which not only multi-standard management systems can be managed, but it has also successfully passed hundreds of audits carried out by International Certification Entities, both in America and in Europe.

Pertix does not yet integrate tools to control costs, expenses, hours, or other economic control variables, since it is not an ERP or accounting platform.

In addition to the fact that Pertix does not offer features typical of an administration software of the
relationship with customers, or CRM, certain key tools such as the diversion manager (allowing
full traceability of customer claims or complaints) and the risk manager, aim to
Maximize the satisfaction of customers and all stakeholders in the business.

Month after month, our Support Team distributes to subscribers the free training schedule, with no limit on attendees. Regardless of this, the platform has video tutorials integrated into its main tools, which can be accessed by anyone with an active user. On our content site, www.comunidadpertix.com, you can also take recorded training on the use of the platform, as well as those courses, talks or seminars that our Pertix Experts make available to companies, free of charge.

The differences between the different subscription plans are based on three concepts: the number of personnel on the payroll, the functionalities provided by the platform, and the space in the cloud dedicated to the operation of Pertix. Each plan increases the possibility of loading more employees, provides specific functionalities, and increases the capacity of saving records, information and files, see prices at: www.pertixtech.com

Unless the subscribing company decides to delegate the implementation to consulting professionals that are already operating with it, Pertix does not stipulate any cost for its support service in the initial setup that allows the platform to be used successfully, in a short period of time. In the event that the Company does not wish to have our free support service, it may use of the video tutorials and other materials provided to autonomously conduct the load of information and initial setup

Pertix is ​​hosted on secure Microsoft Azure servers, which guarantees a secure and highly available service, with the highest international security standards guaranteed by a public SLA.

All the information and documentation uploaded to Pertix can be downloaded in a very simple way, and each record download generates a CSV file, with which the company can always have control of the information, even if they want to unsubscribe.

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