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Welcome to the new era of assisted asset management.
processes in your organization. Let’s grow together with Pertix.

Pertix It will help you map your organization’s value-added processes, as well as support processes, generate the organization’s structure, highlight its most important strategic aspects, outline and analyze general and particular risks, establish organizational and risk control objectives. processes, manage deviations proactively and learn to manage, on the fly. All this with simple and proven tools, which will provide you with access to “best practices” to take your company to another level.

  • If you have a new venture, Pertix will assist you in the creation of your support structure and in the control of your business processes, in an interactive and simple way, with video tutorials at each step of the formalization.

  • If you are a medium-sized company or already have some regulatory certification, Pertix will assist you in managing paperless processes, facilitating both the practice of internal and external audits, as well as the reconversion of support processes to a new friendly standard and effective.

Pertix it does not require external assistance in its implementation, since it is an intuitive and simple tool, although deep and effective, and you can count on our tutorials to do it. Also, if you so require, you can count on our online assistance to solve aspects of your organization that have arisen during the process of adopting the tool and that you need to deal with, and that have to do directly with your Organization.

We are an alternative for professionalization and control of structures and processes for your business


Our subscription plans are as affordable as small businesses and micro-businesses require, but they will allow you to grow in services, even without changing plans. We incorporate free updates of the tools that you have already contracted, and new additional functionalities frequently, which will allow you to plan the development of your Organization together with Pertix.

Free StarterAdvancedCorporate
0 USD 29,90 USD 49,90 Developing
Annual payment (10% bonus)0 USD 322,90 USD 539,90Developing
LicenciasNo licensesNo licensesNo licensesNo licenses
Maximum payroll20 employees50 employees100 employees+100 employees
Users quantityUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage2GB5GB10GBAs needed
Regular updatesFreeFreeFreeFree
Integrated Video Tutorials
Process Map Plotter
Process manager
Organization chart
Situational analysis
Staff payroll
Training Manager-
Staff assessment-
Comprehensive risk manager-
Deviation and non-conformity manager-
Indicators dashboard-
Supplier Evaluation--
Infrastructure Manager---
Internal audit report---
System review report---
Form builder---




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